A Multicast Single-Queue Switch with a Novel Copy Mechanism


Massoud R. Hashemi, Alberto Leon-Garcia
A Multicast Single-Queue Switch with a Novel Copy Mechanism]
Page(s): 800 - 807 vol.2
INFOCOM '98. Seventeenth Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies. Proceedings. IEEE
March 29 1998-April 2 1998, San Francisco, CA

A new multicasting mechanism for RAM-based shared-buffer ATM switches is introduced. Multiple logical output queues, including a new queue for multicast and broadcast cells, are all interleaved into a single physical buffer as in the single-queue switch architecture. Queues are hardware-independent and full buffer-sharing is achieved. Cells are scheduled in the multicast queue based on their priority level and service type as in the unicast queues. A single copy of a multicast cell is kept in the queue. The cell is sent to all of its destinations upon its service time. A unicast cell in a given output queue can still be sent if it has higher priority than a multicast cell. In this case a unicast copy of the multicast cell for that output port is placed in the output queue. This copying scheme requires neither extra hardware nor extra memory space for duplicated cells. A new grouping algorithm is presented which supports the incorporation of the multicast queue and the unicast queues into a single overall queue.

On page(s): 800
Meeting Date : 29 Mar 1998-02 Apr 1998
Conference Location : San Francisco, CA
ISSN : 0743-166X
Print ISBN: 0-7803-4383-2
INSPEC Accession Number: 6004761
Digital Object Identifier : 10.1109/INFCOM.1998.665103
Date of Current Version : 06 August 2002
Issue Date : 29 Mar-2 Apr 1998

March, 1998

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