A New Low-Complexity QoS Routing Algorithm for MPLS Traffic Engineering


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Communications (MICC), 2009 IEEE 9th Malaysia International Conference on
Date of Conference: 15-17 Dec. 2009
Author(s): Alidadi, A.
Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Isfahan Univ. of Technol., Isfahan, Iran
Mahdavi, M. ; Hashmi, M.R.
Page(s): 205 - 210
Product Type: Conference Publications

One of the important concepts in MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE) is LSP setup routing. The objective of routing algorithm is to increase the number of accepted request and satisfying Quality of Service (QoS) constrains. Although much work has been done on laying MPLS paths to optimize performance, most has focused on satisfying bandwidth requirements as QoS constrains. The previously published research have relied on load balancing to avoid network bottlenecks and produced longer and costly paths. Because of the longer paths, the routing quality as well as the efficiency of the network infrastructure has been degraded dramatically. This paper presents a novel Bandwidth Guarantee with Low Complexity (BGLC) algorithm for MPLS traffic engineering. In our paper, LSP setup requests are represented in terms of a pair of ingress and egress routers as well as their bandwidth requirement, and arrive one by one. Our paper does not consider a priori knowledge for future LSP setup requests and their characteristics. Our approach is an improvement of the well-known bandwidth constrained routing algorithms since it compromises among network load balancing, path length reduction, and minimizing path cost with low complexity. Simulation results reveal that in comparison with the most recent algorithms, BGLC presents better performances under a wide range of workload, topology and system parameters.

On page(s): 205
Conference Location : Kuala Lumpur
Print ISBN: 978-1-4244-5531-7
INSPEC Accession Number: 11179806
Digital Object Identifier : 10.1109/MICC.2009.5431497
Date of Current Version : 15 March 2010
Issue Date : 15-17 Dec. 2009

December, 2009

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