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The Single-Queue Switch: A Building Block for Switches with Programmable Scheduling June 1997
The Single Queue Switch April 1997
Implementation of scheduling schemes using a sequencer circuit November 1997
A RAM-Based Generic Packet Switch with Scheduling Capability December 1997
Input buffering and back-pressure mechanism in ATM switches April 1997
A General Purpose Cell Sequencer/Scheduler for ATM Switches April 1997
A Multicast Single-Queue Switch with a Novel Copy Mechanism March 1998
A Scheduler ASIC for a Programmable Packet Switch January 2000
Virtual Network Approach to Scalable IP Service Deployment and Efficient Resource Management October 2005
Investigation of ant colony algorithm in multiple traffic flow environments May 2005
A New Endpoint Admission Control Algorithm in NGN with Improved Network Utilization July 2008
A New End-to-End Quality of Service Algorithm in DiffServ Networks December 2008
Using Relay Networks to Increase Life Time in Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks June 2009
A New Low-Complexity QoS Routing Algorithm for MPLS Traffic Engineering December 2009
An Efficient End-to-End QoS Algorithm Using a New End-Point Admission Control in DiffServ Networks February 2009
A low cost VoIP architecture for private networks March 2009
HRSQM: Heterogeneous Receivers Supporting QoS Multicast March 2009
Evaluation of a New End-to-End Quality of Service Algorithm in DiffServ Networks September 2010
IP lookup Using the Novel Idea of Scalar Prefix Search with Fast Table Updates November 2010
Minimal Viewing Distance Calculation in LED Display Panels December 2010
Convergence Conditions for Decentralized Optimal Traffic Engineering in Connectionless Networks May 2010
Performance Evaluation of a New End-Point Admission Control Algorithm in NGN with Improved Network Utilization July 2010
Optimal Solution to Disjoint Set Cover in Wireless Sensor Networks via Boolean Satisfiability March 2012
Demand side management challenges in smart grid: A review December 2013
Achieving optimality and fairness in autonomous demand response: Benchmarks and billing mechanisms March 2013
Efficiency-fairness trade-off in privacy-preserving autonomous demand side management February 2014
Peer-Assisted Information-Centric Network (PICN): A Backward Compatible Solution November 2017
On the convergence properties of autonomous demand side management algorithms June 2017
A controller-based architecture for information centric network construction and topology management July 2018
A general model for EV drivers’ charging behavior June 2019
Effective utilization of renewable energy sources in fog computing environment via frequency and modulation level scaling May 2020
A request dispatching method for efficient use of renewable energy in fog computing environments January 2021
An energy-conservative dispatcher for fog-enabled IIoT systems: When stability and timeliness matter September 2021
Deploying IoT, Based on NDN Protocol in a Fog Computing Infrastructure January 2022
Ensemble clustering and feature weighting in time series data October 2023
Parameter tuning of EV drivers' charging behavioural model using machine learning techniques December 2023

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تحت نظارت وف ایرانی